Ayana Johnson Pens Op-Ed on Millennials and Voters of Color Being Key to Climate Policy

GLT member, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, recently penned an Op-Ed for The Hill. She speaks on young voters and voters of color being key to climate policy.

“The West Coast is on fire, the Northeast is flooding, drought is hitting the Midwest, and record-breaking heat waves are sweeping the nation. While we endure another summer of (un)natural disasters, we are also counting down to the midterm elections. How can we elect politicians who will to act boldly to halt climate change? Who are the key environmental voters who will demand stronger environmental policies?

From crises in Puerto Rico and Flint, to movements from Standing Rock to This Is Zero Hour, it’s people of color and young people (and young people of color) who are leading the environmental movement and strongly supporting environmental policies. As Nathaniel Stinnett of Environmental Voter Project put it, “the environmental voters who could decide the 2018 midterms are just as likely to be Latina grandmothers as white college students.”

Read the entire op-ed here.