The Green Leadership Trust at PGM ONE: Report Out

May in Philadelphia over 350 Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) gathered for the third PGM ONE Summit. Over three days, participants were immersed in workshops, field trips, and in community that celebrated, reflected and supported them. 

Over the years, PGM ONE has emerged as the largest annual gathering for BIPOC working in the outdoor and environmental fields. Their goal is to continually make the greater outdoor and environmental sectors, empowering, responsive, and reflective spaces for people of color and others with marginalized identities. 

Due to the significance of this event,  Green Leadership Trust sponsored the Summit at the advocate level and sent two members to represent us, Pallavi Phartiyal and Tamara Toles O’Laughlin. Pallavi and Tamara shared our work and built further connections with BIPOC’s in the environmental space.

When asked about their experiences both had glowing reviews. Pallavi Phatiyal stated “PGM One provides an unmatched space for environmentalists of color. The passion, honesty, and connections that the conference accords can only be experienced by fully immersing oneself in the program. With participation of 350 BIPOC attendees (and more than 100 on the waiting list) who deeply care about the environment, climate, equity and justice, the conference also serves as a counter to the myth of “not enough qualified people of color” to make the environmental movement truly inclusive.” 

Tamara Toles O’Laughlin followed that sentiment stating, “The People of the Global Majority Summit provides an incredible reflection point for our shared efforts to grow the viability and psychological safety of environmental work, by centering the experience of Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color it is an essential space for relationship building, creativity, and development of the whole person in our profession. As board members of color, it provides a glimpse into the future of our work! And it’s beautiful!”