A Survivor’s Reward

Dear friends, family, and colleagues, 

Whether you’re my mom or that one guy who took my picture in front of the Lincoln Monument, you are likely receiving this announcement because at some point you’ve made it to my Google Contacts.

This past year I have been working on a project to release my first EP. “A Survivor’s Reward” are some of my thoughts as I navigate my 20’s.

Music blogger, Barry Gruff, described it as, “Elegant, warm and a sunny slice of heartfelt folk-tinged indie-pop; it skips along seductive and alluring grooves while guitars flicker and rich melodic vocals flow – it is catchy and charming.”


Charles Orgbon III

classical and acoustic guitars, harmonica, vocals, lyrics

Reuben Gibson

electric guitar, bass guitar 

Felipe Leiret

bass guitar, percussion

Eric Forno

electric organ, banjo


If you would like to support my music beyond streaming on SpotifyAmazon Music, and Apple Music, or purchasing on iTunes and Bandcamp, please consider these three invitations:

❶ Please share with friends who you think may be interested in this music and let me know what they think.

❷ Keep me in mind for any projects you have (e.g. podcasts, videos, conferences, parties) where you may be interested in using my music.

❸ Consider introducing me to podcasts, bloggers, or those in the music industry that you think could help amplify this music. Here’s the press release.

Last but not least, there are many names to thank, but some include sound engineers Nate Seider (Caliber DJs) and BZ Lewis (132 Studio), as well as the cover artists at Fortifem. This project would not be what it is today without your and so many others’ creative energy, too.


Yours truly,

Charles Orgbon III

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