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Board of Directors Election 2022

The 2022 election for the Sierra Club’s Board of Directors election concluded on April 27. Based on a vote count carried out by Election Services Co.,the independent firm that manages our annual board election, the Club’s Inspectors of the Election reported that Cynthia Hoyle, Cheyenne Skye Branscum, Allison Chin, Aaron Mair, and Michael Dorsey have been elected to three-year terms on the volunteer board

A total of 52,924 members voted in the election, exercising one of the most important responsibilities of membership – helping continue our legacy of a democratically elected board.

Ten members ran for the five board seats up for election. Among those elected, Hoyle, Branscum, and Chin were placed on the ballot by a nominating committee chaired by Chris Applegate. Mair and Dorsey were placed on the ballot by member petition.

The 15-member board serves the membership by deciding policy, conducting governance, and keeping the Club effective in pursuing our key mission to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. In the coming year, the board’s work will include selecting a new executive director, moving forward our strategic framework, and pursuing our five core values of Anti-racism, Balance, Collaboration, Justice, and Transformation. The new board will meet for the first time on May 19-21, when it will select a president and other officers.