The Biden Administration’s Embrace of Environmental Justice Has Made Wary Activists Willing to Believe

“I could not have predicted this,” says Vernice Miller-Travis, who gathered data for a seminal 1987 study, “Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States.” Decades after emerging from the broader civil rights movement, setting itself apart from traditional environmentalism, flourishing in academia and wending through public discourse, the environmental justice movement has now achieved […]


For release Monday, June 14, 2021   NATIONAL WILDERNESS ADVOCATE AARON MAIR TO DIRECT ‘FOREVER ADIRONDACKS’ CAMPAIGN TO PROTECT ADIRONDACK CLEAN WATER, JOBS & WILDERNESS   ALBANY, N.Y. – National wilderness advocate Aaron Mair will direct a new “Forever Adirondacks Campaign” as a staff member of the Adirondack Council, where he will lead an effort […]

Leadership Transition

It’s been an eventful year. In the midst of a global pandemic and racial uprisings, our work was needed more than ever and we saw environmental organizations leverage our expertise to increase their readiness to address this historic moment in social and environmental justice work.   On May 31st, Paco Ollervides is stepping down as […]

About the Siege of the US Capitol

ADRIENNE HOLLIS, SENIOR CLIMATE JUSTICE AND HEALTH SCIENTIST I want to make sure that everyone realizes that what passed for Democracy before the January 6, 2021 events was already under fire. Because systemic, toxic racism runs through our nation like blood in the body. But yesterday was so much more. It touched us—it touched me—on a […]

Finally, a chance for environmental justice | Opinion

1The announcement of Michael Regan to head EPA is good news for environmental justice. Decades of experience with environmental regulatory schemes have demonstrated that unless equity and justice are at the heart of environmental policy, any efforts to restart the federal commitment to environmental protection will be only half complete. Many states have already recognized […]