EPA Nominations for NEJAC Membership is Now Open

The U.S. EPA invites nominations from a diverse range of qualified candidates to be considered for appointment to its National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC). The Agency is seeking nominations to fill approximately eight (8) new vacancies for terms through September 2022. Vacancies are anticipated to be filled by September 2021. To maintain the representation outlined by the charter, nominees will be selected to represent:

Community-based organizations (2 vacancies)

State and Local (2 vacancies)

Tribal governments/ Indigenous organizations (1 vacancy)

NGOs (1 vacancy)

Academia (2 vacancies)

Learn more about how to submit nominations HERE.

Any interested person or organization may nominate qualified persons to be considered for appointment to this advisory council. Individuals are encouraged to self-nominate. The nomination process for NEJAC Membership is open until March 24, 2021.

For questions regarding the NEJAC nomination process, please email: nejac@epa.gov.

For up-to-date information about Environmental Justice funding opportunities, events, and webinars, subscribe to EPA’s Environmental Justice listserv by sending a blank email to: join-epa-ej@lists.epa.gov.