Green Leadership Trust’s Statement on Green 2.0’s Transparency Card and report, Beyond Diversity: A Roadmap to Building an Inclusive Organization

Green 2.0’s latest analysis reveals the key elements of readiness, reporting, and recruiting that influence organizational success in effectively tackling environmental issues. The report provides a roadmap for organizations who want to become more relevant by adopting and adhering to principles of equity, and inclusion. The report’s focus on demographic data shows there is more work to be done to engage people of color who are invested in climate change, biodiversity, conservation, environmental health, public lands, and justice.

As environmental leaders, the Green Leadership Trust is keenly focused on the report’s findings that highlight the need for a unified commitment to increasing inclusivity at the senior staff and board levels to achieve structural change. This type of reporting is necessary because it shows who is committed to this work. The report reinforces the call to all environmental organizations to reflect the demographic profile of the entire country, because environmental issues respect no affiliations, borders, or boundaries.

“We look forward to future reporting that evidences the commitment of all environmental organizations to equity and inclusion, beyond diversity, as we continue to work together on looming threats of climate change and to human health,” said Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, Co-Chair of the Green Leadership Trust.

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