Greens go off-message to back Black Lives Matter

In the recent weeks, environmental leaders have shifted their concerns from their status quo, to focusing on the civil rights issues in the wake of the recent shootings that have taken place across the country. Sierra Club Executive Director, Michael Brune, expressed his solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, condemning the horrors that so often involve police officers and people of color. Brune called the incidences that have taken place over the recent month as an “explosion of racism” that is unfolding within our society.

Fred Krupp, the President of the Environmental Defense Fund, said that EDF was choosing to speak out because its work goes hand in hand with the ability for individuals to be able to thrive, and said that the incidents taking place are hindering American’s ability to do such. While straying from its status quo isn’t unprecedented, EDF noted its rarity, while still acknowledging that it was crucial not to remain silent on the issue any longer. Other leaders have pointed to green group’s involvement in other social issues including gay marriage and gender equality.

Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth, expressed his belief that environmental communities are currently doing “deep thinking and deep diving into racial justice and diversity” adding to his statement that the community is at a point where they are not only doing critical thinking, but acting on said solutions.


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