Welcome to the Green Leadership Trust’s Best Practices Library. This library is a tool for our sector to create their own documents or enhance their existing materials. The materials have been voluntarily provided by organizations and may contain sensitive information; please use your utmost discretion when downloading and sharing the materials. Unauthorized use of these materials is strictly prohibited. To access to the library, please login.


In December of 2014, the Green Leadership Trust launched the “Board-Led Best Practices on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (PDF downloadable here). In the next phase of the process, we consistently heard that a library of model documents will help the organizations learn from each other without reinventing the wheel. The library will include both actual material from participating organizations and in the future we will create model sample materials.

All documents in the library will be password protected, and organizations have the ability to submit materials “anonymously.” This work will enable us to have an overall understanding of the current status of diversity and inclusion work throughout the sector. Organizations seeking guidance and samples can then go on to the library and confidentially and securely browse through these different materials.

This library serves as one component of the Green Leadership Trust’s efforts to facilitate interconnections to build a network of support, communication and collaboration around issues of diversity and inclusion.