President – Environmental Law Institute

The President of ELI will demonstrate capacity for leadership through vision, communication, inspiration, and expertise. The ideal candidate will be an experienced and respected leader in the nonprofit, legal, corporate, academic, or public sectors who brings strong operational management capacity, intellectual breadth and rigor, external convening power, resource development acumen, and practical experience to ELI.

The President will be a confident, credible, and motivational leader, capable of energizing and informing ELI’s membership during a time of great change and opportunity. The successful candidate should be skilled in managing an organization of similar scale and have experience working closely with a Board of Directors, high-level staff, prominent stakeholders, and other constituents to achieve organizational objectives in a fiscally responsible and effective manner.

It is preferred that this individual have a background in environmental law and a track record that offers significant credibility to the various stakeholders of ELI, including experience ensuring that public policy debates and decision-making are informed by scientific and technological assessments. The individual should have a demonstrated commitment to developing strategies and programs that enhance national and global environmental governance and a sophisticated understanding of the complexity of issues surrounding these areas.

The candidate should be someone who can listen to and learn from key stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization. This individual should have the capacity to foster constructive and transparent dialogue and collaboration among constituents, at times on opposing sides of sensitive issues, while respecting the history and mission of ELI and its members.

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