Recognizing and Building on Sanders’ Climate Advocacy

Yesterday, the Sierra Club’s volunteer Board of Directors voted to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. While we are confident that Hillary Clinton is the climate champion we need right now to build on the progress that has been achieved under President Obama, it’s important that we take some time to reflect on the significance of Senator Bernie Sanders’ role in this primary and where we go from here.

Let me be frank: I feel the Bern. There is a lot to like about what Senator Sanders has achieved throughout his career. His presence in the race was a major reason that the Democratic primary included such a robust, thorough discussion of clean air, clean water, and climate action. In fact, the conversation about issues that environmentalists like me care about was more significant in this Primary than any we have ever seen in Presidential history. And it was a stark contrast to the other side’s campaign of complete denial when it comes to climate change.

Read the full article by Aaron Mair here.

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