The President, a Muir & the Buffalo Soldiers in Yosemite

Wow!! The very thought fills me with ecstasy. They say time is circular, not linear, and the time has come around again for a President of the United States to be in Yosemite National Park at the same time as a descendant of John Muir who’s bringing forward the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers!

What are the odds that, 113 years after the fateful meeting between President Theodore Roosevelt and conservationist John Muir under the watchful eyes of the real life Buffalo Soldiers, the stage could be set again for such a meeting in the paradise known as Yosemite? That meeting in 1903 spawned the greatest conservation effort on Earth, up to and including the establishment of the National Park Service, a special branch of government mandated to take care of the parks, historic monuments and battlefields we conserve.

Eerily, in 2016 when the agency celebrates its Centennial Anniversary, the conservation movement is on the verge of bridging a racial divide which has existed since its formation: The first United States President of African descent has protected more of our pristine lands and waters than any other (over 265 million acres) and is dedicated to “make sure the American people are able to enjoy the incredible national parks, the incredible beauty, the mountains, the oceans that have been one of the greatest gifts that we’ve ever received; to make sure that the whole world is able to pass on to future generations the God-given beauty of this planet.”

Read the full article on Huffington Post here.

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